Defined Benefit Pension Plans


  Plan designs and feasibility studies of safe harbor and non-safe harbor plans.

  Plan re-designs under the new non-discrim­ina­tion rules.

  Cost estimates & annual actuarial val­u­ations.

  Annual actuarial certification for the IRS (Schedule B to Form 5500).

  Determination of plan expense under var­ious FASB statements.

  Actuarial certification for the PBGC - for on-going and terminating plans.

  PBGC standard termination submissions.



All Plans


  Plan design and feasibility studies.

  Handling Plan termination process.

  Handling IRS and/or DOL audits.

  Evaluation of pension benefits, on marital dissolution, for QDROs.

  Evaluation of Private Pension plan products, offered by insurance companies, for Key employees.



Type of Plans


  Defined Benefit pension plans.

  Money Purchase plans.

  Profit Sharing plans.

  Target Benefit pension plans.

  Cash Balance plans.

  Floor Offset plans.

  Supplemental Executive retirement plans.